“Circumcision has affected our sex life. “

It’s not bad sex at all, he makes me wet because I’m attracted to him, so the lack of lubrication from him isn’t always a problem (though we do have times where it is). Sadly, he has never made me orgasm, although we’ve been together for 4 years and have a 1 year old son.

It feels like something is missing.. he rubs me raw very quickly from friction due to the lack of gliding skin, there is no foreskin bunching up to rub my labia/clitoris, and the head of his penis is rough, not smooth, soft, and lubricated as it should be. It upsets me deeply to know the sex could be better for both of us if he had just been left alone at birth. 

Even though he tries to act like he’s indifferent to being cut, I KNOW that both of us wish we could experience his foreskin. He has a semi-tight circumcision so his erections are a bit tight (he’s never said it before but I can tell) and he cums super quickly which leaves me wanting more. I love him with my entire heart and would NEVER cheat on him or look at him differently for not having a whole penis, BUT still, I do wish he had his foreskin.

Its something routine infant circumcision took from us and we’ve had to accept it. Also, it makes me sad to think of the horribly painful experience he went through when he was an innocent little baby, strapped down and cut into feeling every rip, cut, and crush. He’s missing 70% of the fine touch nerves he SHOULD’ve legally had the right to keep and I’m missing out on the many functions the foreskin provides. Long story short, men deserve bodily autonomy!

You know, people may say “my son is circumcised and he’s fine” BUT, the damage shows up years later that nobody sees or talks about. Circumcision robs a man of his perfectly designed penis, which in turn robs his partner. It strictly affects him and his future partner, and NOT the penis who signed the consent form, his parents. (Excluding regret parents who have to live with the regret of taking the foreskin from their son(s), they are also damaged by circumcision).

- Amanda C.

“I didn’t know what i was missing until 22 years old.”

I am a 23 year old male, and i didn’t know what i was missing until I was 22 years old. I knew I was circumcised from a young age because all of the men in my family were left intact. But I thought it was nothing more than a simple procedure. 

As a young boy, I had penile adhesions that would rip on occasion. As an adult, it has effected my sex life, but my wife and I made no correlation to circumcision until recently. I suffer from an extreme case of keratinization of my glans, which causes the head of my penis to feel coarse and extremely dry. Sex with my wife often requires copious amounts of lubrication, because I’m lacking my foreskin. 

Amongst these issues, I have noticed that my circumcision was done so tight that I have hair growing about an inch up my shaft. I now know that this is a common after-effect of circumcision. 

I will continue to educate parents and the public about the harms of circumcision because every human being deserves to experience sex the way nature intended it to work. 


“It was an absolute expression of my body being distorted.”

It was 2015, I was 16 when I started looking at some pictures between an intact penis and circumcised penis. After using google as a source and confirming that I was alright as I had wanted to believe, I assumed that my version as my parents had given me was far more perferrable. I wanted a penis that was more sensitive because it would mean better sex. As a 16 year old, contrary to the influence from my church and what opinions my family had, I liked to masturbate. I felt absolutely fulfilled, sexually. Except I didn't feel completely fulfilled sensationally. For some reason, it was harder to ejaculate and I began to notice different types of people in porn with different penises who seemed to be having a better time. 

Something that had really annoyed me as I grew older was the constant rubbing of what was left of my foreskin and frenulum. My penis would move all over in my pants to the point that I began to associate it with being painful. Sort of my inner body being exposed too much. 

I remember trying to explain to my family in the earlier years of this struggle, that it wasn't exactly pain, but more so feeling what you don't want to feel. In the natural penis, these things wouldn't be exposed all the time. It constantly drove me to insanity and my glans seemed to become increasingly raw but were suddenly spoiled to the abrasion and charring of the skin. Eventually, even though I regret it now, I took bleach to it during the summer. It was painful but there were moments I felt like I could escape from knowing I was mutilated.

Soon things changed, as I was determined- expecting an answer that I wasn't cursed with a mutilated unnatural thing of my body. I had had similar experinces and I hated them all. Braces being the main one. It was an absolute expression of my body being distorted mainly because my parents had had it done... I was disgusted with how the medical company lacked any sensibility for my own personal preferences to any understandable subjectiveness, being natural.

For once I was exposed to ideas that were different from what we had been taught in school, and most of the time I felt very strongly about these new ideas being better. This radicalism that I now know is being possessed as a weapon against society, would ultimately project me further into my abuse, as people excused their current behavior with fallacies after fallacies. They would claim they had the masses on their sides and that me not subjecting to their opinions was an excuse to claim me as insane. I was nothing more than a spoiled brat in their mind.

Later on, my family and I would get into arguments once I had gained the strength to ask them about my issue. They were simply blown away as my father sat in his chair, for once not able to support his Catholic authority on my being. He said it was as Jesus had gotten, so he did. I was astonished at the immaturity of my parents. 

They had put me in family therapy, which in a capitalistic society that my parents paid for, meant I was rarely right. Before I knew it, I was diagnosed with OCD. I was told I was insane for getting into fights as a child who obsessed naturally over his penis, so they diagnosed me. They would say things like no other boys were like me and simply not having something meant not knowing about it, as I tried to explain how complex the foreskin was. The therapist even said he researched and found no mucsles to be in the foreskin, so I was just ”mentally ill”. I simply couldn't stand for it and before I could say cheese, my relationship with my family was ruined forever. 

I then did drugs and drank and hated myself. I hated the way my body looked and would abuse myself because that was all that I was worth in a sense. But that was far from what I really felt. In reality, I had taken the righteous claims of morality that they had taught me. 

Once a prince, I was suddenly looked upon as someone who had become sort of possessed, and they needed the old me back. When facts didn't work I turned to emotions to hopefully get the correct empathy. But then again they were far more loving of their system than their own children. Soon I once again became violent on myself, some parts wishing to end myself- the other in hopes that they would listen to what they had done. A simple sorry and walk away, as if they had spilled chocolate milk on me, is not equivalent to the life-altering modification they had possed without any intelligence or expertise on. 

I continued on in life, attempting to take my life once more. Only my mother cared, but I'll tell you it was there that my life began and onwards.  with another so many years of peeing and trying to fix my penis with tape, tearing and running away and going 50 miles in my car. 

I just want to taste something of the life that was stolen from me before I can preach of the horrors in the hospital.