In most cases bleeding is minor and not fatal, but many babies hemmorage during. 

A common issue with bleeding is it also can result in seizures and organ failure if extensive enough.

An Infant dies every other day in the US during circumcision, that we know of. Due to laws allowing doctors to code these deaths as heart failure, SIDS, or other options, it’s most likely many more deaths that we are unaware of.

Quoted from Stanford Medical: “The most devestating reports of bleeding (leading to blood transfusion or death) during or after circumcision occur in boys who have underlying blood dyscrasias, so it is critical to inquire specifically about a family history of bleeding disorders before considering the procedure.”

It is crucial to realize no blood tests are done prior to circumcision. 



Cysts that occur along the incision line, can lead to infection. 

Necrosis/ Death of the penis.


Death of portions of the penis due to cauterization. 



Formation of large masses of keloid Tissue on the incision have been reported.

Can be difficult to correct due to the fact that scarring causes keloids, and more surgical procedure will lead to more scarring.

Keloids are more easily obtained in people of color.

Amputation of the glands.


Due to the fact that an infants penis is so small and hard to correctly operate on, there are many cases of medical staff unintentionally slicing off the tip of the glans (penis head).

This is not easily fixed, and can lead to issues with ejaculation, urination, and a healthy future sex life

Another example of a skin bridge.