What is Parenting: Uncut?

Parenting: Uncut originated as a Facebook Group in August, 2019.

In the age of technology, we hope all parents will research more and more in the effort to “know better, do better”.

Our belief system at Parenting: Uncut is simple, basic and equal human rights for all children. 

Studies have shown time and time again the claimed benefits of routine infant circumcision is not beneficial to children, and causes mass amounts of sexual and mental damage. Yet, this is something that continues to happen everyday. 

We push for informed consent, and we push for the choice to be made by the owner of the genitals. Many things are a parents choice, such as nursery colors, but parts of your child’s body should not be removed simply because the parent believes it to be beneficial. 

Medical science is supposed to be based off of facts, and evidence. Circumcision is the most routine surgery, and also the one procedure that is labeled as being cosmetic and unnecessary with no real benefit, yet able to be chosen by the parent instead of the person who owns the body.

Our mission isn’t to shame, our mission is to educate parents on the harm they are causing their sons.

At the end of the day, it is simple. HIS body, HIS choice. 



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